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Strawberries – and I – have an interesting kind of relationship.

Sometimes – I love them.  Sometimes, I don’t.

Why?  (Oh, the answer is complicated…)

Strawberry Seeds Before Planting | Rainbow Garden In Our Village

I did not like strawberries – until a family member taught me to mince them up with loads of sugar and serve them over vanilla ice cream – from Aldi.

Later, as an adult – I decided to grow some in our little porch garden.

“Can I eat this berry?”  Asked my sweet little son, kneeling with his fingers gently canvassing a purplish-red one.

“Of course you can.”  I smiled, proud that he had selected a good one. We were very proud of our little garden.

Later, we worked with strawberries in the village – to correct some of the nutritional deficiencies – with the village children.

The children living in poverty in this remote area did not have the same diversion as I did to the tiny red fruit.  They are accustomed to eating – even limes – without grimacing – so they didn’t require any sugar to enjoy the treat – and were fond of them immediately.

We were focusing on the production of vertical planters and baskets, because I knew that if we could control the soil if it were not in the earth, we could alter the conditions until we could produce more of them – and if not enough to feed everyone bowls full, we could at least make up a few batches of strawberry tea – which is popular in that area.  

Upside Down Strawberry Pot | Pinteresting Against Poverty

To read more about our stories about strawberries in the village, and human rights – please subscribe.  We have a tea recipe we’d love to share with you soon, as well as more information about the health benefits of these cute little red seedy berries.

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So now, strawberries are memories of my new friends, that are family, too.   Check out this Avocado Strawberry Spinach Salad Recipe from Gimme Some Oven!  

The children in the village have made popsicles like you can see on the left side of your screen.

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Author: Ada Nicole

A human rights worker in developing nations.

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