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Red Rose Cake Recipe w/ Buttercream Icing | Gimme Some Oven

If you have never considered roses — as edible —

— you’ve got the world wrong.

Roses taste — as sweet as they smell –

-and are actually a close relation to the apple-fruit.

A friend once messaged me, knowing that I was having a hard day.

She had baked a cake to share.

It was a brilliant, flaming red rose cake.

Rose Cupcakes | Pinteresting Against Poverty

This gorgeous, decadent treat – was three awesome rose’y buttercream layers of complete beauty.

Have you ever seen a cake so beautiful that it is difficult to eat?  Well, this is one of them.

It was painful to see the vision be divided into pieces and go onto plates.  

Red roses stand for so much in our culture, including passionate love.

This cake is perfect for weddings, to celebrate love, birthdays — or — as it was — Mother’s Day.

Red Rose Cake Recipe w/ Buttercream Icing | Gimme Some Oven

This cake has burned itself into my memory as the most beautiful cake, I’ve ever seen.

One of the many things that I love about this cake, is that it can be enjoyed – even on a budget – all over the world.  It takes only a few simple ingredients, and will ever be a heart-stopping, breath-taking centerpiece in the middle of any kind of meaningful moment, celebration, or holiday.

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking — “I’ve got to do this for the kids in the village.”  

So – when we finally discovered roses near the village… we made these cute little ‘Rose Cupcakes’ together one evening on the porch in the late afternoon sunlight. Click here for the actual Rose Cake Recipe, along with more brilliant pictures.

The buttercream icing had to be substituted for Royal Icing. (We hope to post a new recipe for that, soon.) The children were happy about the new treat.

One of the girls peeled back the petals regretfully — in the spirit of, ‘they love me’ — ‘they love me not’.

If I ever am blessed enough to be married — I pray this will be the cake.

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Red Rose Cake Recipe w/ Buttercream Icing | Gimme Some Oven

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