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Do you miss going home after a long day,

-and cooking up a warm soup for the soul – to share with your neighbors, friends and family?

What is it – that is so comforting – about a warm bowl of soup?

Or a warm plate of food heated and sat down carefully in front of the weak and hungry?

How a little baby girl’s eyes will grow wide as the food is brought to the table.  Or a little boy’s knees will knock against anything between him and a pastry set in front of him and no amount of begging will do until it is all gone.

What is it about shared meals – to the ends of the earth – that forms a soulful bond and sense of camaraderie that just can’t be replaced.  Fresh warm bread, or pretzels right out of the oven on a hard day can feel downright holy.

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Sometimes in our work – which drags us out of our homes and our beds, and separates all of the good and all of the comfort,

-it’s important to have the people that you can cuddle up with –

and share a bubbling bowl of spicy soup – or a steamy rotisserie chicken –

-and talk about our hearts.

-and rest.

Many of my favorite soups just happen to have peppers in them, which is why I thought it would be nice to bring them to the ends of the earth – although many have shown that they cannot handle or appreciate the combination or the heat.

On a hard day, peppers in soup can be like powdered candles, putting warmth within warmth that burn like hope in your heart, with prayers of days that are
better to come.

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What?  Peppers?  You mean like spicy peppers -in soup?  Are you kidding?  No.  Maybe some people don’t need peppers in their life – but if the soup calls for them, you will always note the absence of the flavor if you’ve learned to appreciate it.

What kind of peppers taste good together in soup?  Sometimes the answer is unexpected – because not all peppers taste alike.  Each brightly-colored pepper has a distinct taste and flavor of it’s own, as if they each have their own story to tell.  That’s why you need a variety of them.   

Especially for the ones who sleep on the floor at night, who feel a little bit more discouraged when the storms leak in through the windows, as they try to breathe in the dark – waiting for the morning.  What’s keeping you from sharing your story with your loved ones over a steaming cup of peppery soup?

To the ends of the earth, that kind of love and those kinds of ‘peppersations’ is what our leaders are needing on their tables these days.  A heated tongue can also be a happy one.

My soul felt a little bit cold when I had a dream about a river this weekend.

It made me miss home and my children so much that I could only go to church and light two candles for them in the sanctuary – because one just wasn’t enough.

I craved soup after church, and for the first time ever steamed my own rice – and sprinkled a few deep red drops of chipotle powder in the steamy soup – and remembered better days with great sadness.  I missed the smell of rotisserie chicken and the sound of the boy practicing his gifts behind me as I worked.

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Do we grow peppers in the village?  Isn’t this little eggshell cute.  We’re baby-stepping too much for leap-ers, but the people of the village are learning to love their peppers, too.  May warm bowls of chili peppers reach the far corners of the earth tonight to warm the heal the souls of the frozen.Praying for an end to all of the obstacles that keep our tables lonely, and keep these ‘peppersations’ from happening.  Go ahead, reach back into the ruthless darkness of that cellar – and get those peppers into your soup and your life today.

Maybe not all need peppers on their plates, but for some – they matter, are best when shared sooner rather than later. A life without peppers – is like a like without spirit.  Peppers don’t last long in the dark, and they need the light just as much as your soup needs flavor.

 I think about the song by Aurora – Winter Bird – and wish I could bring them all a warm bowl of soup would crack the ice that brings the tears.

How do you stay warm during the winter season? Do you enjoy warm bowls of nourishing soup, too?  Feel free to share about your experiences here:





Author: Ada Nicole

A human rights worker in developing nations.

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