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I remember bringing a sick little boy home from the hospital.

Carrying this special little one in my arms, and wishing for the best for him.

“Feed him lots of fresh oranges.”

The village doctor had told me.

I was careful mixing his food.  They said if he threw up, as badly malnourished as he was – to keep mixing orange juice into other easy-to-digest carbohydrates- and glucose.

The child threw up several times.

Yet this little one was special, and after several attempts, he was able to hold the juice.

The hospital didn’t have enough room for all of the patients who needed to be seen.  It made no difference that I offered to pay for his care.

However, the doctors told me what would help him.

“How much should I feed him?”

They looked doubtful that it would help.  “Until he stops eating.”  They said.

They also gave me pills for him.

“How much should I give him?”  I asked.  They were adult dosages.

“You’ll have to crush them down.  Just look it up on the internet.”

So I took the little pills that they gave me, which were only adult-sized – and crushed them into a proportion that was supposed to be beneficial for the child.

He was sweaty, had pneumonia, and was struggling to breathe.  I knew he had pneumonia because they showed me on an x-ray before we lost his space in the hospital bed.

Ever since then, I’ve had a super respect for simple oranges.

Our little son survived his illness, partially because of them.

That, I’d say, and tons of cuddles, cups of tea, and Disney movies.

I remember one day being so exhausted and walking into a church, my feet were numb and I was sweaty and weak myself.  I had contracted the swine flu, but did not know it yet- and so I couldn’t understand how the music carried my every step back to my seat.

And how grateful I still was – for music, and oranges. 

When we are sick, or struggling, we all need a good dose of sun-shiney oranges.

Or – cabbage-eggdrop soup – which I kind of made up yesterday.  Maybe that can be a post to come.  I added orange peels and lemon to the soup, and it was nice.

Oranges don’t have to be so mysterious – after all, they are just fruit, and medicine.

I wish I would have had a recipe like this one, to make for that special little boy that day.

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