Is This A Joke? | Struggling w/ Affiliate Marketing @ Pinteresting Against Poverty

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This is a nightmare for us – an empty molcajete – so to speak.

All through December we rushed and rushed…

Trying to figure out how to use projects to help a village.

In the meantime, hungry children are crying out daily for food, landlords pop into rescue facilities threatening to kick them out, and together we brainstorm a way to help us out of this frundraising rut.

We found the shining example or so we thought – affiliate marketing.  Right?

Let’s just say that so far – we haven’t earned – what we thought we were capable of.

In an effort to make things work to keep this blog – and our projects – functioning –

-we are making a few new efforts around our pages.

That said, maybe there is a better way to do this…

Do you know of a better way to do this?

Fundraising links are not performing the way they have in the past – yet we have received successful donations.

We don’t seem to be getting very many clicks on product referrals.  (How in the world does one earn on referral links – like via Amazon?)

We have no idea why some links work – and some don’t – but are creatively trying to figure out how to bridge that gap and earn a check.

That’s what I’m up to today at Pinteresting Against Poverty.

Looking for some trusting/trustworthy blogger help to get these opportunities rolling for those who really need them.

Yep.  (Lots of things I could say but I’m just going to choose to pray the right ideas will come.)


Ideas?  Directions?  Instructions?  Suggestions?  More?


Author: Ada Nicole

A human rights worker in developing nations.

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