How To Grow A Rainbow Garden | Children’s Instructions From The Village

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Pin This: How To Grow A Rainbow Garden | Pinteresting Against Poverty

Come Along!  Garden with the children in the village this late-Summer.  

How To Grow A Rainbow Garden | Pinteresting Against Poverty

Every year, there is a season, known as the hunger season in our village. Simply put, it is the season when the clouds dry up, and the earth doesn’t produce enough food for us to eat. During the rainy season, many foods grow – abundantly, but by the end of May or June, our lips get dry, and we get hungry. It is more difficult to find a good balance of vegetables.  

We have recently started a new project in our village: to grow new foods that might be able to tolerate this season. These foods are planted in the bumper season, and will help us to stay nourished until the rains come again. The eyes of the little children light up at the colors of bright fruits, so we decided to plant – a rainbow. Not only are the new foods beautiful, but they might also help to cover some of the nutritional deficiencies that are present in the usual village diet. A variety of colors promises a variety of vitamins and minerals which many little bellies are missing, and sweet recipes we use with our foods to make up the difference.

Click through for a guide, and to learn a little bit more about what we plant, and what nutritional needs they fill.  Small seeds make a big difference.

Pictured: Pumpkin Vine from Family Tree Nursery.  

Click Below To Learn How To Grow A Rainbow Garden:

Click Here To Learn How To Grow A Simple, Late-Summer Rainbow Garden | Instructions From The Children In The Village

Author: Ada Nicole

A human rights worker in developing nations.

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