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 “Who are you?” and“Where do you live?”

-are questions that many people in the world are able to answer quickly.

They are also questions that many cannot – which is a human right’s violation.

Life is made difficult for people who are denied citizenship, and that can be all the more frustrating if they are legal citizens.

For example, children may be denied the right to play on sport’s teams, to travel, to receive regular medical care, work a job, have a savings or bank account, or be treated equally by court authorities or police – even in the United States of America.

Your name and your home are sacred places and spaces.

It is against the law to deny citizenship in the United States of America.  If

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a citizen has a child, and the child holds a birth certificate in the parent’s name – the child IS an American Citizen.

The child has a right to a passport, and also to a passport card, and through those proper forms of identity, along with their birth certificate, a passport.

Is it easy to get a passport?

A passport cannot be denied if two forms of proper identity are present.

If two forms of identity are not present, you can have a witness sign as an affidavit of identity-authentification.  Note: Sometimes this can be denied by a passport office, especially if someone claims to ‘disbelieve’ the witness, so make sure your witnesses are trustworthy.

It’s easier to get a passport when you have two forms of identity and the signature of a federal witness – for example, a birth certificate and driver’s license, for an adult – or a birth certificate, and a passport card for a child.

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A child can receive a driver’s license in the state of Kansas at the age of 14 if they are working for their parent’s business, can present a need for medical reasons, and have a completed application and is one acceptable form of identity.

To get a passport card, the state requires the mother to be present with the child at a Post Office.  The child must present passport photos and both the child and the parent must present original copies of their birth certificates.

Proof of citizenship is one of the first steps of getting a United States Passport.  A passport card is $15, for an adult, it is $30.  (Note: A passport card only approves one for travel in the USA, a full passport is needed for an international identity) an adult’s first passport is $80, and for a child’s it is $80.

To get a passport, and a global identity, visit a Post Office, as soon as you can.  You will be issued a Passport Number, and your own Passport and/or card can be available by express services within 24 hours.

Any who can show efforts at bettering their own life conditions is legally-approved work, and must pay US taxes, and also have the right to work for change, without fear.

The post office is closed on Sundays, but any day of the week most appointments are walk-in if you have your paperwork previously-prepared.

To learn more about human rights, visit here.

I hope you get your global identity soon!

Questions?  Comments?  Did you know you have the right to work forchange, without fear?  Tell us your passport – or what’s hot in the investigative world today – the denial of the right to vote stories – below:

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A human rights worker in developing nations.

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