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Bananas are a wonderful fruit of the sub-tropical regions.

Full of nutrients, bananas are a good option for nutritional consumption, however —

one of the beneficial aspects of a banana fruit — is that the nutritional absorption level of a banana actually changes when it is cooked.

Adding oil and deep-frying a banana, can transform about 4.5 grams of otherwise absorbable matter into a form of digestible protein.

Calorie-intake is a battle for malnourished children — who suffer to absorb sufficient numbers.

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Something so simple as food preparation — with coal, a pan, oil, fruit, and salt or sugar — helps to make the little food they have stretch longer and nourish their bodies more deeply.  Something so simple as frying the bananas before placing them on top of pancakes helps their bodies to be nourished for more hours in the day.

They don’t necessarily need more food — they need better cooking resources.

Oil is full of calories which cause the body to digest food in general — in reference to this post — the banana — more slowly.  Oil is the key ingredient that helps to slow down the metabolism of the children’s hungry bellies — enough to really get the full benefit of the vitamins and minerals that they are consuming.  (Click here to read our new post about coconuts, which have healthier oils..)

The starch in the peel of a banana is also medicinal.  It can be boiled down into a tea which can compete with any prescription muscle-relaxer and also aids in sleep.

Bananas have a lot of volume, but not a lot of calories.  

When prepared with heat and oil, the nutrition goes a lot further.

So, the next time you see a hungry widow on the side of the road — if you really want to help her —

— give her a good ol’ frying pan, some cooking oil, coal, and a spatula.

If you wanted to be really helpful — you could give her a small bag of cinnamon spice — which helps to combat intestinal parasites that would otherwise also be unwanted competition for the absorption of the same calories.

Would you like to sponsor a morning of banana pancakes for the orphans in our village?  It costs about $25, and we’d love to make more short videos to add to this post.  Click here to donate now.

Short Video: The children in our village actually learned how to make caramel, and then made caramel-stuffed fried bananas with cinnamon and sugar.  Click here to read the post and see the recipe they used..  


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