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Enjoy some fresh international flavors in this easy Healthy Curry Chicken Salad Recipe (made with Greek yogurt) today! | Gimme Some Oven

You can’t travel far enough to get away from the influences of fresh yogurt cultures.

From Middle Eastern nations to the capital cities of Latin America and even the African continent all contain many varieties of fresh yogurts and flavors.

Greek yogurt deserves a category of it’s very own in your recipe folders – as the flavorful, healthy ingredient substitute that often hides within the titles – yet is widely searched for and enjoyed by many people around the world, of many backgrounds, cultures – and religions.

Often, yogurt can be delightfully and synergystically paired with fresh fruits of many kinds. It’s easy to find yogurt clinging to strawberries, cranberries, grapes, almonds and raisens – sweetening and protein-ifying not only the bodies that consume it, but also fortilizing the intestinal flora and fauna of the major bodily organs of the consumer.

In many villages,  local people know how to culture their own yogurt bacteria, which I learned after the fact upsets many stateside officials who forbid the practice, claiming it dangerous for the formally untrained to manage bacteria.

“Do you have any fresh fruits or seeds, live cultures, flora or fauna?”  Demanded an airport security guard of me as I rolled my suitcase respectfully past the inspection counter.

“No.”  I answered.  “But I do have a tub of dried chilied mangoes that I bought directly from Costco.”

“Those are fine.”

My trip was less stressful than the woman’s behind me – who wanted to bring her homemade yogurt cultures for her family.

Yogurt is an easy addition to mixes like fresh chicken salad, and provides a lot of the calcium needed to strengthen the bones of those in food cultures that don’t consume a lot of fresh milk or cheeses.

Yogurt can be formed into icecream, or used as a delightful and healthy substitute for sour cream, and also tastes good in soups.

Try some fresh yogurt in your next meal, and know that you are consuming a food that is known throughout many corners of the world – and is not far from most of the world’s villages.

Hoping for world peace?

Try inviting over a crowd – and fill your table with simple treats everyone recognizes, from apples, and caramel, heart-healthy portions of wine for the age-appropriate, all the way to – to yogurt.  

Love yogurt?  Cold?  Doesn’t it look like snow?  Do you enjoy yogurt frozen, or as a topping for a nice warm tropical salad?  Tell us about it here:

Author: Ada Nicole

A human rights worker in developing nations.

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