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There is something to be said about colorful green varieties.

Taste The Difference Of Arugula! Try This Simple 5-Ingredient Carnitas Soup Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Even in a mixed bowl of healthy variations, there are distinct flavors and characteristics of every mixed leaf.

Some, like a refugee woman told me: ‘mchicha’ is good in soups and sauces –

-but some – settle nicely and pepper-y and irresistibly on the tip of your tongue –

– and subtly hint at their own noticeable and lovely  distinctiveness –

-like… arugula.

Just as one would never mistake kale for cabbage – nor chard for iceburg – nor espinaca for artisan blends – and several other varieties in between –

This warm-hearted little leaf – is just special.

There is a meal, and a salad – that pairs with other ingredients – which you just like each of those flavors best in.

There’s something about that cabbage-and-sausage – that just mixes and blends, that could never be mixed for sausage and iceberg – but crunchy bacon-and-iceberg – now, there’s another match:

 this comforting, wholesome arugula-flavored-carnitas soup recipe –

 and takes on an identity of it’s own.  Like… it just works, and identifies well together in it’s own peaceful kind of relational reality.

You wouldn’t know the difference – until you’ve tried it.  It’s the best flavoring combination – that just bounces off each other joyfully – and I’d hope to use it instead of just cabbage someday in the small villages at the end of the earth.

Try This Arugula-Flavored Best Sangria Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Some fruitful recipes taste best with arugula – when hidden in wines – like sangria – and as a flavor in the broth of soups.

I mean like… arugula… and then some –  like oranges and limes, and strawberries.

What?  Am I really talking about using fresh greens – like spices – like basil?

Yep.  All of these pretty colors and flavors come together to form a spectrum of possibilities. Each can bring out the best flavor of the ingredients that are around them for endless and beautiful, even heavenly combinations.

Think I’m kidding?  Try these recipes.

Rounding out lettuce and leaf varieties – helps to cover more nutritional bases – and adds distinctive blessings to some of your family favorites.

Thank God – arugula tastes like arugula.

Once you get used to rich and deep, light, and colorful green-leaf combinationsarugula isn’t an option – it’s a must – because it brings more joy into every part of the right meals and it will find it’s way to be compatible with many different flavor combinations.

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I know how much I love arugula thus far and what it’s meant to my life and conversations – and I know that it can grow like lettuce from seeds – and that I love the taste of it in broths and wine, but I hope to learn more soon, and share the joy of these pretty little curly arugula leaves – with the village, someday – maybe even in some more pepper-y combinations.

Healthy soups, best soups… especially holiday-esque lunch comforting sessions and  conversations are welcome – along with this sweet, pepper-y flavor.

*More edits coming to this post, soon.

Hmmmm.  Carnitas-style.  

Have you ever tried using arugula in your salads, wines, or soups?  Do you see those cute little arugula leaves floating around in those recipe pictures – calling your taste-buds out for better days?  Do your friends accept arugula as a flavor?

(Updated Post.  Originally published in November 2017.)

Tell us about your arugula experiences here:

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