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After working with children in the village for several years, we learned how to bake them sweet treats.  One of the first treats we introduced were cookies.  After a while, we learned how to make caramel out of simple ingredients – even over coals and a fire.

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The little children would run barefoot to the wooden table, excited to take part in their new recipe project, and excited to taste the result afterwards.

We knew how to get a good supply of apples, for cider.

It was even more fun to learn how to mix the caramel and apples together and we looked around for creative recipes to keep the children busy.   We carved apples into apple cups to hold the cider – for fun.

Then came the next great idea – caramel stuffed apples.

Why not?

So, the Apple Cider Cups were stuffed, full of boiling homemade caramel, and left

Carving Homemade Caramel Apple Cider Cups In The Village | Click Here For Instructions From Gimme Some Oven

to simmer down.


We also use the same caramel recipe for caramel corn, which the children love and enjoy.

Take precaution when working with the caramel, as it is hot – make sure to use gloves – or something to cover your hands.

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All of these recipes are fun for kids, require some adult supervision, and are easy enough to make with simple ingredients – whether you are at home, stateside.

Or over a fire – in a village.

Stay tuned for our Apple Cake Recipe – coming soon.

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Author: Ada Nicole

A human rights worker in developing nations.

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