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Do you like butternut squash?  I do.

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Do you love the buttery, almost potato-ey comfort of this fun pumpkin fruit – that is often mistaken for a vegetable?

The kids in the village – do.

Butternut is a form of winter-squash – that also grows well during the dry season (the hunger season) of the subtropical regions below the poverty line.

I picked up the cutest little orb of a butternut squash from a refugee program in a stateside market about a week ago, and as I did so, I remembered planting the silver-coated seeds in the village with the children, earlier this year, as well as carving pumpkins with my own sweet little son.  At first I was afraid they had sold out, and looked amongst the high stacks of produce – until an adorable little gentleman held up the most adorable little butternut with a wave.  Yes!  That was what I was looking for!

Click Here For Any One Of These Delicious Butternut Squash Recipes | Shared By Gimme Some Oven

Are you intimidated by the thought of cooking with an awkward-looking vegetable?

Oh, don’t be.

The flesh is edible, mashable, cutt-able, dice-able, bread-able, soup-able, fill-able – and flavorful.

This village veggie-fruit would only be an awkward treat to manage the first time – because it’s so good, you’d learn quickly and be more ready more creative challenges the next time around.

Don’t miss out on butternut season.  Pick up some new butternut recipes today – and please, please consider growing butternut vines in your own little backyard gardens.

Butternut squash vines are so sweet to watch grow – and a great cooking and dinner activity to be proud of along with your children.

The Children In The Village Love Butternut Squash – Which Grows Well In The Sub-Tropics | Click Here For Recipes

As the squash matures on the vine, the flesh gets sweeter and sweeter, and while a fresh butternut might be crisp and carrot-y tasting – a more aged butternut is wonderful with spices like cinnamon, and clove – and cooked into muffins, and pies as a sweet dessert, such as this carmelized Chai Butternut Squash Soup Recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

Try This Carmelized Chai Butternut Squash Soup | A Fresh Fall Pumpkin-y Recipe From Gimme Some Oven

“[Butternut Squash]is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, and potassium; and it is an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin E” according to Wikipedia.

All of these mentioned nutritional qualities bless the hungry bellies of the children in the village we serve – where we often see sores, rashes, and hair discoloration simply from the lack of proper nutrition and calories.  It helps their hair, skin and nails grow stronger.

After picking up the cutest little orb of a golden butternut from the refugee market, I kept it sitting on the worktable, watching it turn from a beautiful neon green- to a cool white and creamy-beige color.  The squash is simply not as perishable as other graden fruits – which suits it perfectly for regions without access to electricity or refrigeration.   It’s as good as an early holiday decoration – and I’ve enjoyed it’s company.

We sure hope you get the chance to enjoy some great butternut squash recipes this soup season! Please consider sharing our post to let more people know about our projects in the village.

Child’s Hands Preparing Butternut Squash For A Meal In The Village | Pinteresting Against Poverty – Click Here For Instructions

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