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Mushrooms are another wonderful – non-sacrificial – protein source that can easily be found around the world.

Look For These Mushroom Growing Kits At Natural Grocers & Whole Foods Stores | Pinteresting Against Poverty

Mushrooms can be sauteéd into tacos, breaded-and-fried, or chopped into beautiful salads, or cooked into soups, and taste well with most grains – and pastas – and range in price according to variety.

You can’t go wrong with mushrooms on your plate.

As a child, my family would look for wild mushrooms – called morels – which were difficult to grow – but pop up during certain seasons in the midwest.  Morel mushrooms can also be found in France and Germany, are considered a delicacy, and can be sold for twenty-or-more dollars per pound.  Fortunately, some varieties of mushrooms are much more conveniently-priced.

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When I worked in a Mexican restaurant as a teenager, I was introduced to portobello mushrooms, which were the main-ingredients of one of our specialty street tacos.

Portobello mushrooms provide slices of protein comparable to chicken breasts in size, but these cute little baby bella mushrooms such as the ones featured on this post are a little bit more economical – and just as taste-friendly.  😉

If you are going into a meeting with inter-faith groups or international organizations that have food-specific or plant-based food requirements – mushrooms are a great option.

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When I started to work with HIV+ children around the world, I was introduced to shittake mushrooms – which are good for those who suffer from different forms of immuno-deficiency, and are a fresh option for a protein source – especially when refrigeration is not an option.

The widows in a village would gather, just as I did with my family as a child, and go to the hills with their long skirts to gather the mushrooms that appeared like amaranth to feed them, with a flavor so rich they smack their lips in memory of it while they tell of the blessings of the season.

Almost any meal that you could make with beef or chicken, can also be made with mushrooms – in a food shortage, or as a protein-source for vegans – or just because you enjoy the savory flavor and nutrition these delicious little fairy-like veggies have to offer.

About a year ago, I learned how to grow a specific variety of white mushrooms – from the concept of the Mushroom Mini-Farm product you can pick up at both Whole Foods – and Natural Grocers.

The children of the village were surprised to learn how the mushrooms grew, and were pleased with the subsequent results on their dinner plates.  Growing mushrooms is a great learning activity for children – even for young children, as mushrooms produce food rather quickly, there fore making them a great nutritional resource for hungry nations.

In the right conditions, many – but not all -mushrooms can be grown at any time – and offer inspiring nourishment -especially for the children around the world who suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

Here are a few great mushroom recipes – for mushroom lovers around-the-world.

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