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We are in a village.

And that’s all I can tell you.

The children here, are both beautiful — and endangered.

The women here, like many women to be found in isolated communities around the world —

— have almost no rights.

The same sun that greets you in the morning, raises to find them in the dust, day-after-day — often with no bed, no mosquito net, no breakfast…

…they wake distant enough — from water sources to discourage their taunt muscles from carrying anything that can hold a hopeful gallon.

It’s a place where all of those little projects that make life better — and cleaner — and more profitable — and life, a little bit more beautiful — are undoubtedly needed.

Needed — just as much — as empowerment, and ingenuity, and education.

Experience poverty — and it’s brother creativity –– in each blog post — which are designed specifically — to teach you — something new about the battle for international human rights in each 30-second narrative.

So…   Can Pinterest Projects make a difference here?

We think so.

Welcome to Pinteresting Against Poverty.

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