Winter Salads & Flavors | Around The World

When the cold winter weather hits the nations above the global poverty line,

…northern nations begin looking south for fresh produce.

Click here for the recipe for this flavorful and fresh winter salad mix – Pomegranate Pear Avocado Salad Recipe By Gimme Some Oven | Pinteresting Against Poverty

The wonderful citrus-y, banana-y, crisp flavors come flowing in fruit crates to the north –

-along with a plethora of opportunities for fresh ‘winter salads’ and combination mixes -to fill in the temporary lack of the common veggies that can be grown in our backyards (save a few winter flavors like kale)…

What kinds of fresh produce are we looking for on our local produce shelves for the holidays?

Cranberries, mandarin oranges, grapefruit, pear varieties – like the anjou pears which are believed to have originated in Europe near France, bananas, plumspomegranates – kiwi and clementines.

Pomegranate arils which originated in the Middle East sprinkle brightly over crispy endive, orange slices from the subtropicals contrast in color with the dark green curls of kale, root vegetables mix with vines in order to produce more flavorful salads and wines, and artisan breads and holiday pies.

Such a rainbow variety of fruits and naturally healthy sweets come flowing in from a global effort to fill the seasonal nutritional deficits in our winter diets.

Click Here For The Recipe To This Winter Salad Mix – Green Salad With Oranges, Beets & Avocado By Gimme Some Oven | Pinteresting Against Poverty 

It’s like the whole world comes together in order to put a peaceful mix of bounty on your plate, just in time for Christmas.

However, it is important to make sure that the producers of those wonderful winter fresh foods – workers of many different backgrounds, shades of skin-colors, and cultures –  have basic human rights – and are not forced participants of offshore slavery for the sake of your holiday dinner tables.

It is important to make sure that they sleep in beds, have access to healthcare – are eating enough themselves,

Fresh Kiwi In The Village | Pinteresting Against Poverty

-and can afford to send their own children to school.

It is important to make sure that they are not exporting the food that is needed by hungry bellies in their own nations.

So this season, as you enjoy your winter salads, please remember the rights of the children around the world.

Find out where your favorite flavors originated and consider making a donation for the the rights of the children there – or just make a donation to support our work – and we will disperse your help accordingly.

As Aristotle said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit – is sweet.”

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Please enjoy any of the recipe images shared on this page and remember how wonderful it is for people and flavors to come around from all over the world – and the joy that it is for them to mix into a rainbow at your table.

Click here to donate $25 for a salad, or a pot of soup, or a side-dish for an orphanage in a subtropical nation this Christmas.

*More edits to come soon.

Questions, Comments?  Feel free to share here:

Chilean Plums Office
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The Bells On Christmas Day | A Christmas Wish For International Children’s Rights & Justice

Every year, I set out to make these Christmas cards, which are meant to be a blessing to our donors and supporters.

The cards are meant to be a gift that shares about our progress, and the needs of the children in our village.

A year’s worth of images flash past my mind’s eye each season progressively as I work on them; tired mothers with health problems and sickly little malnourished babies wriggling in their arms, to the random little orphans from baby eyes that engage to slightly older children that don’t respond to the sound of their names anymore when you call them out, to the boisterous school-children who are so proud of their uniforms, and twirl like little princes and princesses around and around in their beloved little uniforms and shoes, and the frowns and tears of the little ones that didn’t get picked for scholarships that they deserved this year. It’s hard to get that all of those visions and experiences to fit into a Christmas card – but we try.

We work to show the joy that their contributions have given, but still help the receivers to understand how delicate and fragile our operations really are.  Within 24 hours of little to no funding, all of those beautiful moments are changed into rooms full of hungry, desperate people.  Happy baby coos and grins turn into tears, smiles into frowns, and pretty little tutus, stuffed animals and books on the shelves turn from being joyful gifts – into secondhand values in exchange for food.

We want our greetings to be warm and connecting, and gentle — and it is hard to find the right combination between what we are doing, and what we could do — with a little bit more help.

From simple socks, to more complicated school shoes.  For school tuition, and uniforms.  For groceries, and backpacks – and extracurricular activities like music classes and art lessons, and baking projects.  It’s hard to explain to someone who has never been there – how much those simple therapeutic activities help them to heal.

How do we connect people with their abilities to the needs of the people they could truly save? How do we teach them that they have so much power? That their help makes such a difference in whether a child lives, a child has joy, or suffers?  How do we tell them what it is like to plan the burial of a child who would have been sitting at your dinner table every night with a little more help.

For about a week during our Christmas-card season, I become a bit heavy with needs – and take on the persona of a mixture of Ann Hathaway and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada – through the production of our most important magazine – which just happens to be our Christmas cards.

So much information and experiences have to be “processed” in order to somehow convert our hopes into a visual format that fits on the image spaces of an 81/2 by 11 folded in half – or smaller than that in years when we don’t have enough funding.

It would be a hard job for a publisher — negative the emotional pressure of meeting the needs of children that you love in a really harsh world.

On a good year, I’m that girl – the one that managed to get the copy of Harry Potter before it was published – because that’s about how difficult it is to jump through all of the bureaucracy and hoops that it takes to put food into the hands of the world’s most needy, I managed printing, I managed international trips, and I tuck them in at night with teddy bears – and somehow turn their childhoods into something simple and beautiful again.

I know the difference that can be made saves lives. And it is so miserable to be on the end that has to decide against helping someone who desperately needs it, because pennies are too much that day.

Many of the items that will be purchased and given this Christmas season in developed nations were produced by offshore slave labor.  We encourage you to look at your favorite gift – and learn about the people who made it this year.   We encourage you to research your favorite companies – and ask if they have a way to give back to their employees.  If their average employee sleeps in a bed, if their children go to school, if they eat three meals a day, do they have access to basic healthcare?  It does not help any company to boycott their products – but it does help to be the voice that asks the questions that give them the encouragement to do the right thing, against profit margins.  You don’t need more – you just need the right things.

Are malnourished children exporting your favorite fruits and flavors for the holiday season?  From the poor children in Chile that pick your plums, to the cranberry gifts of the indians to the Pilgrims – there is hope in human rights as soon as one recognizes and addresses each small injustice.

I believe that there is a spiritual reason why Lincoln is on the penny – the smallest valued coin of American currency.

There was once a time when people thought that society could not survive in comfort without slaves.  It took many nations several hundred years – and many generations – and education – to convince governments and leadership – that a better way exists.

I pray that this Christmas season, every time you hear a bell ring, you remember children’s rights and children’s labor – and do something to make a difference for their well-being – even if it is as simple as just sharing one of our posts.

In conditions and nations where those laws don’t exist, you find a lot of orphans – because the working conditions of the people are not fit for survival, and vulnerable children who don’t have someone to protect them are the ones most at risk for slavery.  So your next question could be – are the rights of the vulnerable recognized?  Do they have a way to go to school?  Do they have a safe place to go, and to grow – and be educated to be people who can give back to their communities…

Lincoln would have believed in the well-being of these children, too.

…and at Energy of Hope – that’s what you help us do.

You are rescuing the children who are facing a lifetime of injustices, and giving them the protection and the education and the life that honors the original little baby – who was laid in a manger.  

Once you help them, their possibilities are endless.

Here is one of the songs that I wish you would include in your own Christmas soundtrack.   This song is a Christmas carol that was written during the civil war – and as we currently battle against civil injustices of poverty, slavery, and violations of human rights daily – this is one of the songs of our 2017 Christmas Season soundtrack.

The lyrics of the song were slightly adapted from a poem entitled ‘Christmas Bells” written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1863, during the Civil War – which were later set to music.

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,

and wild and sweet
The words repeat

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom

Had rolled along
The unbroken song

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Till ringing, singing on its way,
The world revolved from night to day,

A voice, a chime,
A chant sublime

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Then from each black, accursed mouth
The cannon thundered in the South,

And with the sound
The carols drowned

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

It was as if an earthquake rent
The hearth-stones of a continent,

And made forlorn
The households born

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

And in despair I bowed my head;
“There is no peace on earth,” I said;

“For hate is strong,
And mocks the song

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;

                                                     The Wrong shall fail,
                                                        The Right prevail,

With peace on earth, good-will to men.”

The children in the village love cookies.  Please consider picking up a cookie recipe for your Christmas traditions to remember children’s rights every year.  Get your children and grandchildren or students involved – so that future generations will also recognize and respond to the eradication of offshore slavery of their peers of many nations.

Fresh Arugula | Pinteresting Against Poverty

Click Here To Sponsor A Pot Of Soup For An Orphanage – For $25.

There is something to be said about colorful green varieties.

Taste The Difference Of Arugula! Try This Simple 5-Ingredient Carnitas Soup Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Even in a mixed bowl of healthy variations, there are distinct flavors and characteristics of every mixed leaf.

Some, like a refugee woman told me: ‘mchicha’ is good in soups and sauces –

-but some – settle nicely and pepper-y and irresistibly on the tip of your tongue –

– and subtly hint at their own noticeable and lovely  distinctiveness –

-like… arugula.

Just as one would never mistake kale for cabbage – nor chard for iceburg – nor espinaca for artisan blends – and several other varieties in between –

This warm-hearted little leaf – is just special.

There is a meal, and a salad – that pairs with other ingredients – which you just like each of those flavors best in.

There’s something about that cabbage-and-sausage – that just mixes and blends, that could never be mixed for sausage and iceberg – but crunchy bacon-and-iceberg – now, there’s another match:

 this comforting, wholesome arugula-flavored-carnitas soup recipe –

 and takes on an identity of it’s own.  Like… it just works, and identifies well together in it’s own peaceful kind of relational reality.

You wouldn’t know the difference – until you’ve tried it.  It’s the best flavoring combination – that just bounces off each other joyfully – and I’d hope to use it instead of just cabbage someday in the small villages at the end of the earth.

Try This Arugula-Flavored Best Sangria Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Some fruitful recipes taste best with arugula – when hidden in wines – like sangria – and as a flavor in the broth of soups.

I mean like… arugula… and then some –  like oranges and limes, and strawberries.

What?  Am I really talking about using fresh greens – like spices – like basil?

Yep.  All of these pretty colors and flavors come together to form a spectrum of possibilities. Each can bring out the best flavor of the ingredients that are around them for endless and beautiful, even heavenly combinations.

Think I’m kidding?  Try these recipes.

Rounding out lettuce and leaf varieties – helps to cover more nutritional bases – and adds distinctive blessings to some of your family favorites.

Thank God – arugula tastes like arugula.

Once you get used to rich and deep, light, and colorful green-leaf combinationsarugula isn’t an option – it’s a must – because it brings more joy into every part of the right meals and it will find it’s way to be compatible with many different flavor combinations.

Make A Donation To Children International Today – #GivingTuesday | I have visited my own sponsored child several times – and support this organization. Check out Levy’s Story, on the right side of our blog below.

I know how much I love arugula thus far and what it’s meant to my life and conversations – and I know that it can grow like lettuce from seeds – and that I love the taste of it in broths and wine, but I hope to learn more soon, and share the joy of these pretty little curly arugula leaves – with the village, someday – maybe even in some more pepper-y combinations.

Healthy soups, best soups… especially holiday-esque lunch comforting sessions and  conversations are welcome – along with this sweet, pepper-y flavor.

*More edits coming to this post, soon.

Hmmmm.  Carnitas-style.  

Have you ever tried using arugula in your salads, wines, or soups?  Do you see those cute little arugula leaves floating around in those recipe pictures – calling your taste-buds out for better days?  Do your friends accept arugula as a flavor?

(Updated Post.  Originally published in November 2017.)

Tell us about your arugula experiences here:

I have also had the pleasure of visiting an IJM Office In Asia – Please find an organization to be passionate about – and support justice for children by donating and sharing their posts this holiday season. Watch Foli’s Story: The Child-Slave Rescued By A Missouri Mom

The Deep Place

The Deep Place

The Deep Place from International Justice Mission on Vimeo.

Homemade Hot Cocoa & Chocolate Recipes | In A Village

  Villages – at the end of the earth – shiver.

Did you know that it gets cold – almost everywhere in the world – that is habitable for human life?

All people – babies, children, young adults, mature adults – and the aging –

Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipe Ingredients Used By The Children In The Village | Pinteresting Against Poverty

-are all suceptible to environmental conditions – like – the cold.  

Even in the sub-tropics, fierce winds or dampness can push the felt temperature down to an unsustainable point for many to operate normally without some form of provision or protection.

The rainy season in Africa brings shivers, wet eyebrows, and eyelashes on the soft heads of babes – and environmental teardrops on the shoulders of the aged and elderly.

The Village Kids Are Always Proud Of Their Work | Click Here For The Recipe

The monsoon season in Southeast Asia infects the feet of bare-footed children walking through puddles.

The communities of the Northern Hemispheres above the ‘poverty line’ can’t imagine a life without warm clothes suited for every limb and extremity.

“The little ones in the village are shivering.”  Suggested an elder, as I was traveling abroad from the village.

Hot Cocoa and Chocolate Is A Treat That Nourishes The Bodies Of The Village Children From The Inside-Out | Pinteresting Against Poverty

It was between spring and summertime stateside, but in our village, sometimes the temperature drops down to forty degrees – especially at night – which is unbearable for the exposed skin of the hungry children in the village.

Cold is felt more – by those who are anemic.  The B-Vitamins and red blood cells that help a human being regulate their body temperature are missing from their diets, so when they are cold, they also begin to have hormonal, metabolic, and immune system issues – simply from not being – covered.

In a location where more than 60% of the children are stunted in growth due to malnutrition – the simple ability to be warm-and-dry – matters.

So, we set out to find a new way to keep those adorable little village children -warm and toasty.  

We did not have a budget to clothe them all – but we found a new recipe – that could help.

Hot Chocolate.

You may think I’m kidding.  I’m not.

The children in many once-British colonies are used to drinking tea several times a day.

Try This Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

What was our nutritional experiment?

We tried as best as we could against our ever dwindling budget to replace a few of those cups of tea with homemade hot chocolate.  Cocoa powder is common in many stores for travelers – and contains more iron and B-Vitamins than most teas.

Drinking a large, steaming cup of hot cocoa is similar to consuming a small serving of red meat – of which there is always a disparity for the poor.

When dealing with a malnourished village -iron pills are expensive, difficult to import – and easy to miscalculate — especially the dosages for malnourished children – even more so for the children suffering from starvation syndromes like marasmus and kwashiorkor.

Homemade White Hot Chocolate (With Peppermint) Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Even if you give a child a multi-vitamin, they will often eat in the first time, and refuse it the next for the belly-ache that follows – even after proper dosage-ing under the care of a physician – they cry and won’t take them again.  The only exception being gummy vitamins.  They love the gummy vitamins – but if you knew how smart street children are – you’d realize those are not the safest option – one of the highest causes of child-death is iron poisoning from overdosing on vitamins.  In the case that a child were able to get ahold of a tub – you’d have a problem.

However, a regular dose of chocolate can help keep the children warm and address some of those deficiencies – from the inside out.  So that they might be able to endure colder conditions – with a better internally nourished physical response.

Try This Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Most of the world’s chocolate is produced from trees in Africa – yet it is not a common flavor in nearby areas – the result being a steady supply of raw cocoa – but a lack of usage of this natural resource for the nourishment of village children.

The children’s eyes and smiles light up as they wrap their hands around a steaming cup of simple ingredients – meant to comfort – and nourish them.

So the next time you are cold, warm up with one of these cold-seasonal yummy hot cocoa recipes – and other comforting warm drink recipes – and remember the children in the village.

Perhaps we will write about another seasonal flavor – cranberries – soon.

Try This Warm Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Tip: If you are really cold and miserable – in a damp environment – toss a shot of whiskey into a steaming glass of warm cocoa.    Another quick fix for cold conditions is actually (not suggesting this for children) a shot of whiskey.  Whiskey helps to oxygenate your vital organs – and is anti-bacterial.

Whiskey is a known rudimentary, non-prescription treatment for asthma – and is a good substitute in the case of not having a doctor or prescription available.  It’s economical, is medically effective in small amounts – and  can be found in almost every large city around the world – and in some cases – can help heal respiratory infections in the absence of an antibiotic.

Due to spending time in villages, and experiencing malnutrition at times myself, as well as being asthmatic, having an over-the-counter substitute has helped me fight off asthma attacks.

I don’t know about you – but I am oh, so ready and hopeful, and prayerful – for chocolate.

Chocolate is fun to play with in the kitchen.  Check out this Chocolate Roll Recipe by Gimme Some Oven:

Try This Easy & Customizeable Homemade Chocolate Roll Recipe – Like Swiss Rolls | Gimme Some Oven – flavor the center with peppermint, buttercream, cream cheese & more…

Have some great chocolate – or hot cocoa stories you’d like to share? Wishing you could curl up together right now and enjoy a cup of hot, hot chocolate – and a warm blanket and movie?  Has someone shared a good cup of hot cocoa with you?  Share with us:

Welcome to Pinteresting Against Poverty. Share our posts with your friends!  Learn more about our work and our village by watching the video below:

Fresh Kale | For A Village

Oh, greens.

Especially winter greens.

Try This Great Pasta with Italian Sausage, Kale & Mushrooms | Gimme Some Oven

My son and I used to grow kale outside of our back doorstep in a little wooden-box raised garden.

The kale bloomed throughout the whole winter, loving the warm concrete from the heater inside.  

Kale is a cold-weather green that tastes good in warm, comforting winter soups – and as a compliment to potatoes, and is even sweeter after surviving the frosts.

Kale is one of the only greens that it is hard to get children to like without some kind of cooking – or alteration, and not all cooks are up to the challenge.

That said, we’ve learned that kale tastes great, and can be sweet, salty, savory – soup-y or even mixed up in an apple-smoothie –

-but it isn’t the greatest straight-off-of-the-block without some kind of dressing.  With children, sometimes you just have to thank your lucky stars when the right dressing comes along.

Dogs may turn up their noses at kale – but that is one of the many reasons why dogs are not children.  And of course, the odd dog will eat kale if it’s covered in bacon – if you know what I mean.  No use in comparing the two if you are loved by both – just nourish what feels healthy on your plate.

Kale, as well as it grows well outdoors in the cold – is even better warmed, and toasted in the oven with oil – those roasted little leaves are as consumable as potato chips.

What makes kale worth the trouble – is the level of nutrition packed into those curly little snowflake-tolerant leaves.

Kale seeds are small and round – and look a lot like cabbage seeds | Pinteresting Against Poverty

Kale can also be a bright violet color – and some varieties are so pretty they are used in mixed-baskets for mere decoration and accents.

Kale is considered to be a less domesticated form – a wild, adventurous family member – of the more cultivated but less distinct – yet always comforting cabbage – which we just can’t seem to get enough of, these days.

Kale was one of the new greens that I wanted to introduce to the children of the village, as it can grow in almost any climate – and is known from Russia to South Africa, from Chile to Alaska – and is full of micronutrients.

I’ve also experimented in growing kale in a vertical PVC pipe – which is a project I hope to post about soon – on vertical gardens.

If you are feeling like you need better nourishment – try adding some kale to your regular diet with some of these great recipes!

Love Kale?  Love nutrition? Kale – isn’t exactly optional once you know how good it is.  It’s not for everyone, but those who crave it after trying it probably need kale especially and exclusively – on their dinner plate – or their breakfast smoothie or lunch salad bar – and would be blessed by it’s adventurous goodness.  And then, off to dessert!

(More edits coming soon.)


Fresh Carrots | In A Village

Feeling under-the-weather? Feeling cold? Warm up with this comforting Herb-Loaded Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

As the weather is getting colder, we are going to try to share a few more healing posts – to compliment your healthcare this winter season.  Please enjoy this updated post on carrots – with more recipes for you to enjoy – and stay warm out there!  More updates coming soon.  I am so busy working on cards this year.

One of our little children was sick in the village.  

Their childhood illness was wrapped up in an additional problem — the child was also severely malnourished.  

A cold, a flu, a cut — it doesn’t matter what kind of ailment a child faces —

when they are malnourished — the effects are worse.

In a place where there is not enough healthcare — these conditions put a higher burden on responsible adults

In addition to the stresses of tending a sick child, with few resources, and the possible spread of the illness to themselves due to lack of clean water — there are not always enough beds in hospitals if the child’s fever spikes.

Click Here To Learn How To Re-Grow Root Vegetables Like Carrots & Celery | Pinteresting Against Poverty

— there may not be enough vehicles to rent one if you need to try to reach a professional.

That means — swollen little eyelids and dry little lips are your business — to moisturize, to comfort —  to soothe —

Each tear that falls is a drop of liquid that isn’t in their bodies that you might not know how to replace.

What do you do, when they are this sick?

Click Here For a Fresh Carrot Cake Recipe


One of the village doctors, has a solution.

The children hate it — but it works.

In the lines of the sick and afflicted — the doctor calls those who are suffering from certain symptoms —  giving the influenza-affected, cold-affected, incontinence-affected children —

— a quick shot of vitamin A.


A quick shot of a — vitamin supplementation?

Yep.  “Improving the vitamin A status of deficient children through supplementation enhances their resistance to disease and can reduce mortality from all causes by approximately 23 per cent.”  

Vitamin A is actually cutting edge medicine — providing an economical new solution to measles and other childhood diseases.  If immunizations are not present or available, Vitamin A is a second-line defense which helps the children fight the epidemic once infected with their own natural systems.

Still, for someone who still has to hold and rock the sick little babies — who hate those pokey- needles —

I had to wonder — for the love of God —

Try This Yummy Mexican Vegetable Beef (Barbacoa) Soup Recipe – With Carrots!) | Gimme Some Oven

— could someone just try planting some freaking carrots around here?

Photographed: The actual Rainbow Carrots grown by the children in our village.

One of the benefits in education of living in areas that have food insecurities — is you learn what each food has to offer by the diseases and effects the deficiencies have on human bodies, when certain vitamins and minerals are lacking in the diet.

So — even in the USA, if you are sick and have the flu — go eat carrots.  Even fresh carrot cake has great nutrients to offer.

Here are a few great carrot recipes to bless your day:

The BEST Carrot Cake Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Stay tuned to read more stories and poverty tips from the village.


Help An Orphanage | Meet Fundraising Goals

At Pinteresting Against Poverty — We Care About Children In Poverty.

For many orphans and vulnerable children, the life that they are living today is the only childhood they will ever have.

Each Share Can Help Us Bring In $37 In Donations For The Children In The Village – Please ‘Share’ Today! Each Share Helps Us Get Closer To Our Fundraising Goals | Pinteresting Against Poverty

Which is why we want to share some of our favorite Pinterest projects – with some of the poorest children – in the world.

Currently the children need your help for Christmas. Christmas donations are focused on getting them properly enrolled in school and covering operational expenses.

We personally know of an orphanage that is in great need of funding at this time.  

I am running a personal collection through Pinteresting Against Poverty to help them meet their fundraising goals this year – and to plan an extra-curricular project budget for their next year.  

It takes about $120,000 per year to operate two-three facilities which can house and school about 50 children – and we hope and pray to meet this goal during December.  

YES!  This is a great cause to support.  How far do my donations go? 

Click Here To Visit Our Donation Store | Donations Are Tax Deductible (if you file your return in the USA.)


    • A donation of $12 a week helps us to keep one child well nourished.
    • A donation of $25 can sponsor a project for a group – such as baking cookies.
    • A donation of $50 can help cover a water bill or transport of supplies from the capital city.
    • A donation of $100 helps to pay for a pair of school shoes, a school uniform, and books and pencils for one child.
    • A donation of $200 can help cover one month of salary (plus back pay) for a trained care-giver.
    • A donation of $500 can help to buy a new stove, or complete repairs and new mattresses with blankets for children who need them.
    • $1200 per month for groceries and food – or $400 per week.
    • Special Needs: $100 for a dentist one child needs a tooth removed
    • Special Needs: $100 for a student to pay college entrance fees
    • Special Needs: $100 towards for music lessons for the village

These are not the only needs they have… but this would help them to get started.  Any donations of $5 or more will make a difference for them as they reach for their goals.  

Can you help to make a donation today?

If you think your change doesn’t make a difference, ask the child who survived the whole day without meals, how important that change was to them.  

I’ve worked in the same village for more than ten years, and I’ve seen them go hungry, too many times.

Click on any donation button below to add your value to our holiday fundraiser, today.  Donations are also accepted in honor of your friends, and relatives – and make great Christmas gifts.  Just give your loved one a card and our address – and let them know that you sponsored our work in honor of them.

Each Share Can Help Us Bring In $37 In Donations For The Children In The Village – Please ‘Share’ Today! Each Share Helps Us Get Closer To Our Fundraising Goals | Pinteresting Against Poverty
Each Share Can Help Us Bring In $37 In Donations For The Children In The Village – Please ‘Share’ Today! Each Share Helps Us Get Closer To Our Fundraising Goals | Pinteresting Against Poverty

Click Here Or Below To Make a Donation today:

Can’t Donate?  Here’s a Quick Volunteer Opportunity — Share Five Posts from our Home Page (click above to find articles that interest you — the social media buttons are found at the bottom of every page.)


Fresh Oats | Around The World

Try This Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

When I was about fifteen years old, I decided that I wanted to join my high school soccer team.

This wasn’t a light decision for me.

Up until then, I had been a softball and volleyball player – and I was known to be good – at both.

The problems that led to my transitions were not due to the nature of both previous sports – but rather, the social conditions surrounding them.

One of the necessary obstacles to being on the soccer team was to be able to run more than three miles without stopping.   

Try This (Skinny) Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie | Gimme Some Oven

So I began to self-train carefully.

One of the first things that I learned from the experience of running – was that running changes your nutritional needs.

All of a sudden, I was in need of extra calories – healthy calories.

One day I went into the kitchen, craving granola bars but having none.

My siblings were known to eat all of the granola and bars that came through the kitchen – sometimes in the first day after shopping unapologetically.

One of my favorite cereals – was a small box of granola-containing contents, and that box wasn’t even possible to last through one breakfast – plus, it was expensive.

I looked in the pantry and decided to make oatmeal cookies instead.

After a while, every week, I would make a huge batch of oatmeal cookies – to carry with me to school and munch on – as I began to run more and more –

These No-Bake Energy Bites are a lot like the ones I used to make when I was a teenager. Click here for the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

until I could run more than double what we were required  – without stopping.

Many people who live in under-developed nations with a prevalence of hunger – do not have access to healthy grains –

-like oats.

Corn can produce the most food per horizontal foot, but corn does not nourish a body the same as oats and other grains.

Most oat grain is grown in the northen hemispheres, above the global poverty line – and these kinds of cereal grains are not often easy to find in rural villages of the subtropics.

Try These Cranberry White Chocolate Granola Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Oats out-perform many of the local village foods – according to Wikipedia:

In just one serving, “oats provide 389 caloriesand are an excellent source (20% or more of the Daily Value, DV) of protein (34% DV), dietary fiber (44% DV), several B vitamins and numerous dietary minerals, especially manganese (233% DV) (table). Oats are 66% carbohydrates, including 11% dietary fiber and 4% beta-glucans, 7% fatand 17% protein (table).” – Wikipedia

I used to wake up early in the mornings, and sometimes run an hour before school.

Just as a horse needs to be fed in order to work it’s hardest, a body needs to be nourished – and oats are good for that.

Try This Yummy Ginger Peach Crumble Recipe – Featuring Nutritious Oats!

Without proper nutrition, even a spiritual animal like a horse will just break down, and won’t be able to give as much of the same push or pull as it could if it were well-nourished.

Think of consuming wholesome meals as the bodily fuel it takes to cover long distances – even an oatmeal cookie – is healthier than you might imagine.

When the weather is cold outside, warm blankets are an option when you are standing still, but when you are moving along – especially running – or walking long distances, you also need that special nutrition, like a candle burning inside keeping your vital organs functioning and internal chemistry warm.

It is good to cook with oats – often.

Sometimes, when we use too much energy – running on a treadmill – it helps to recooperate with a good oat cereal recipe.

It’s not a good nutritional story – when oats are not around.  

Oats have a lot of good vitamins and nutrients to offer, but lack presence around the world.

Once you are used to the comfort of oats being around, and the feeling of there-ness isn’t always available – you miss them, terribly.

The comfort of proximity then becomes the confusion of where-ness.  

How far do you have to go for your next breakfast-and-coffee session with big bowl of granola cereal?

In the village, your body is required to use it’s strength wisely – so foods like oats really make a difference – especially in places where there are no roads – or enough signs to direct you to where you are going.

When playing sports, and training – your goal is simply to be able to do small things – like run three miles, kick a ball into a net, etc.

Try This Healthy Zucchini Muffins Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

When you are doing those things – like walking 8 miles or more – in addition to work – it’s important to have a direction to point your efforts towards – because your day isn’t defined as successful by merely being able to go a certain distance – it’s distressing to go any distance until you have an idea where you are going to end up.

The longing for there-ness and the comforting feeling of home isn’t far from your aching feet.

Imagine walking ten miles, and not being able to solve a problem.  You’d be in need of some oatmeal cookies – that’s for sure.

And prayerful about knowing what it was that caused you to use so much effort for such meaningless goals.

Click Here For The Dark Cashew Energy Bites Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

When you eat healthy food, and share healthy food, it is confusing to not be able to accomplish healthy goals.

It is easy to walk 8-10 miles in a regular day, sometimes more than that – without having access to a healthy water source – or vehicles.

Having the right nourishment helps people to be able to do better things.

We’d like to share oats with the village someday.

Try some oats – and new recipes today – there are plenty to go around your holiday table.    

Questions?  Comments? Do you miss oats in your diet?  Share your messages here:








Wine & Thanksgiving | Pinteresting Against Poverty

The Best Sangria Recipe for your Holiday Table | Gimme Some Oven

Modern-day Thanksgiving meals have the potential to be just as powerful in the present as they were in the past.

Believe-it-or-not  filling your table with delicious foods – is just as important as filling those seats around it with people – who are in need of a blessing this year.

At the world’s table, the seats that are filled around different tables Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and more – are just as important as the seats that are missing.  

Every time I’ve gotten lost in the world,

-on every trip I’ve ever taken, and every project I’ve ever started –

something happened to make it right.

From my first bumbling international solo trip as a teenager – in which the airline went on strike and carried all passengers to the wrong country –

To passing out in a cramped and humid foreign airport from exhaustion – fortunately into the arms of a missionary family –

To finding myself without funding in Africa – and fearing that I would not be able to make the plane –

To finding myself hours later sitting in a restaurant in London, with my first real glass of wine – if I remember right, it was $40 a glass – and a warm meal that was just as expensive – on a night when I was counting on granola or candy bars.  

Learn more about wine. My first glass of wine was in London as a teenager – Merlot.

Red grapes – and red wine – have a real significance for me – and what signifies Thanksgiving to me.

It’s that moment – when you feel like you can’t go any further, and someone gives you a gift that it was beyond your capacity to provide for yourself.

There are thousands of mini-Thanksgivings that happen throughout the year, but we choose to try to celebrate the spirit of those – all in one day.

That first cup of red wine is what found me at a crossroads of decisions, when I decided how I wanted to spend my life.

I wanted to spend it – helping people.

But even people who help people – need help sometimes, too.

And that’s what I love about the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Read about our adventures at the table with butternut squash – and pumpkin leaves in the village | Pinteresting Against Poverty

Everyone has something to give, and everyone has a seat around the table – because they all need to eat, too.

I had been lucky enough to be taught in a village by a woman that worked for the United Nations.

As she sat by the firelight, she explained how she’d been kidnapped by guerillas – and later freed, and how she had been to every nation in the world except for one small territory that wouldn’t allow her entrance.  How even in dangerous places – most people are good – and do better when they are educated – just as the bible says – to teach your children, and to love your neighbors as you love yourself – as far as the east is from the west.  My trip to London was soon to follow.

Even in the worst of times, a glass of red wine has become a prayer for me.

Nothing should be able to separate people from the good that they deserve.

It should always be just around the corner, on it’s way,

rolling in the river, or on the wings of eagles,

Click Here For The Best Pecan Pie Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

simply because there is a God.

So if you are struggling today… remember that there is a God, and the hope that we have in this world is only though what we can’t see, speak to, touch or feel.

Do what God would ask you to do.  Not what the world demands of you.

Follow the whispers of your heart.  Not the demands of those who pretend to be superior enough to exclude – for that is not how God made our hearts.

And God is coming to break away the shadows, and bring in the light.

Our work against poverty and injustice is never in danger of being without the support of God.

When you take steps towards the right things, even if you fall unconscious into the arms of a fellow passenger, God will keep you upright.

And may set you down at a table in a foreign land, on a day that you have almost nothing to eat – with a $40 glass of red wine in front of you – and good company.  

Gratitude is what fills your heart – when God’s wishes meets people’s actions meet Godly will.

Click Here For ‘The Best Cherry Pie’ Recipe | Gimme Some Oven  

It’s that warm feeling you get – when the world is made right.

It’s not right to feel gratitude, when you are not grateful.

Can you imagine what would have happened – if the Indians spoke to the pilgrims, and they spouted their gratitude for the sky and the cold water – so much that the indians could not see the need that was killing them?

Even God, who knows all of your thoughts, cannot control your actions.

Don’t deny the world, help that you feel that you are called by God to give.

Don’t deny a person a kindness that you know that they need.  God is probably the reason behind your awareness and consciousness.

When you are stranded on holidays, God hears those prayers.

That is how God works – He sends help through people.

And one of the people – that the world can’t do without – is you.

So for all of you who are loved and accepted by the village – feel welcome around the proverbial ‘turkey’ table, always – even if we have to plan a bit to make it happen.

Please enjoy any of these 25 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes – and more – pictured on this page.  Click on the meal or the dish for the corresponding recipe – or just click here.

Click here for our post on pies in the village – and more than 15 delicious pie recipes | Pinteresting Against Poverty
Click Here For This Yummy Pumpkin Roll Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Looking for a place to donate on #GivingTuesday?  Support the children in our village by sending a check to Pinteresting Against Poverty – to learn more check out the video below!

Questions?  Comments? Who are you going to spend Thanksgiving with?  Are you looking for a ‘turkey’ table?  Let us know!

Fresh Potatoes | In A Village

Potatoes are more nourishing when combined with a protein source – like these Hummus Mashed Potatoes Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Of all of the little children around the world that I’ve cared for – I’ve never found a child that doesn’t like potatoes.

One of the pickiest eaters I have ever known – an adorable little Chilean girl that I nannied, would still curl up and breathe in the goodness of one of our favorite meat-and-potato soups on cool evenings.

In the village, a warm steaming bowl of potato soup has the same power to comfort hungry bellies – as it does in other regions of the world.

One of the first foods that I ‘shared’ with the village – was the joy of mashed potatoes.

Starches and sugars – like the ones contained in potatoes of all varieties – are one of the most important components of the human diet.  Potatoes have the natural ability to be comforting, and memorable.

Try this 5-Ingredient Potato Soup Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Potato roots thrive in most environments where they are planted – from the Northern Hemispheres to the  sub-tropics – and forgivingly can still be settled into regions where the weather is too wet or dry – because potato vines perform well in pots.

On this blog, we’ve already shared so many stories about different varieties of foods – especially potatoes – that help village communities avoid famine.

As Thanksgiving is coming up, we hope to find you, our reader, full of all of the good anticipatory feelings  of that big fluffy spoon of buttery mashed potatoes present at your dinner tables – and share some savory holiday potato recipes.

cutting potatoes | pinteresting against poverty
Peeling Potatoes | Practicing Photography In A Village

The variety of potato that is common in the village – is not as easy to peel as an Idaho potato, but otherwise share the same appearance and taste.

Even those difficult-to-peel potatoes have a special place at our dinner table in the village – and are still as delicious by the time they reach the table.

In fact, now that the children have become so accustomed to the practice of preparing and sharing potatoes – it is difficult to have a holiday without them – they are missed.

For the children in the village, it’s like – “Aunty?  Aren’t we going to make the potatoes?”

Potatoes | In A Village

I have to turn to our donors to try to fund some of their holiday favorites, and pray they will come through.

One of the most common varieties of potato state-side, is the Idaho potato – which has an interesting food history – and the ability to be comforting, and    nourishing.

There has even been a controversial museum opened to commemorate the importance of – specifically Idaho potatoes – as a food source – in Blackfoot, Idaho.  

That said, no one can live well-nourished, on potatoes alone.

Other foods are necessary to meet all nutritional requirements.

I would consider any table that scorned potatoes as highly suspicious – what conditions could possibly cause one to not desire potatoes?  What could a potato do to upset anyone’s abdominal norms or preferred tastes?

Try Any Of These 15 Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dishes | Gimme Some Oven

Potatoes are easy to eat a lot of – but are also forgiving – and are full of the carbohydrates that digest easily, and are more filling when paired with a protein source.

potato wedges | pinteresting against poverty
Potatoes | In A Village

In many starvation syndromes, one can witness babies that have been fed too many potatoes – and not enough protein – which  leaves the children in conditions like kwashiorkor until their nutrition can be changed.

For example, in Romanian orphanages – in an attempt to save money, officials began to feed the babies starchy potatoes instead of milk.  This shortage of protein and nutrients caused social mal-development as well as physical effects and weaknesses amongst the children, like stunting – and encouraged competition.  Children have to be properly fed, nourished – and socialized in order to develop healthy lifestyles.  Babies who are rescued from these conditions take a while to recoup – but are always worth saving.

So if the original Thanksgiving were considered a historical meal,  in the same spirit of a eucharist of starchy, white potato bread, it’s that every nation needs a ritual to produce  more potatoes – more than they need protein sources like shark meat at their dinner tables.

My son and I love a potato soup we call ‘hash’ which is a simple soup with browned ground beef, potato wedges, garlic and onions – and the hummus mashed potatoes are another option of mixing potatoes with a vegetarian protein source (imagine – flavorful garlic hummus mashed into your potatoes – like butter.)

Potatoes – also need potatoes.  It’s alright to have a double-serving, and they don’t come recommended by the teaspoon.

If ‘man cannot live by bread alone’, nor can he live on potatoes – alone.

That said, protein sources are available – all over the world.

Idaho Sunrise Baked Potatoes Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

And most of them go well – with potatoes.

So if you are hungry –

– eat potatoes.

Those sweet carbs digest quickly down into sugars that fill your body and heart with good feelings.

If you want a second-helping on a budget – try some potato pancakes with molasses for dessert – and a nice glass of sparking red wine, or light dessert celebratory champagne -and enjoy the faith and triumph of healthy dessert conversation.

I pray that potatoes and good feelings – and good conversation – are a part of your holiday season, as we hope they will also be on our table in the village.

Check out any potato recipe on this page and share with your friends.

Welcome to Pinteresting Against Poverty.

Love potatoes?  Have faith?  Need more meaning in your fun conversations around your holiday dinner tables?  Feel free to share your stories here, today:

Cabbage Soup Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Fresh Cranberries | For A Village

Try This Lovely Cranberry Crumble Recipe – Not For Dinner – but for Dessert! | Gimme Some Oven

Travel around Christmas-time isn’t easy for missionaries.

The holidays are the time of year – when everyone else travels.

For human-rights workers –  the budget rule is usually to hunker down where you are – be it abroad – or stateside,

-as the cost of plane tickets skyrockets, doubles-and-triples – and potential passengers from around the world compete for seats – on planes, trains, and auto-mobiles,

-rick-shaws,  bicycles, and cruise ships.

Cranberries are a special holiday flavor – in the midst of the hustle and bustle – because they are one of the special foods that the Algonquian people shared with the malnourished English settlers on the original day of Thanksgiving.

Try This Super-Easy Cranberry Baked Brie Tarts Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Fresh cranberries are a crisp favorite seasonal pleasure for many – however, due to the vastly wet and cool growing conditions – which are best-suited for countries of the Northern Hemisphere, with the exception of a few high altitude mountainous regions beneath the global poverty line –

– fresh cranberries are not easy to cultivate in dry villages,which means, these little holiday berries have to travel, too. 

Fresh cranberries can be sauteéd down into sweet syrups, sauces, packaged in cans, powders, bottled juices, jams and food dehydrators,  and other processing, the same cranberryd flavor can be brought to the ends of the earth – in the same spirit as frankincense and mhyrr.

Try This 3-Ingredient Cranberry Bourbon Fizz (Sweet Holiday Version!) Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

During our first few village Christmas seasons, we could not afford gifts for the little children in the village – instead, they had beautiful traditions of dancing together on Christmas Day.

It wasn’t until about four seasons in that we were able to put up our first Christmas tree – made possible by the kindness of a donor.

Another year, we added in the tradition of holiday music – and added piano lessons until all of the children could play Jingle Bells.

Every year we challenge the village children to make paper projects, that have grown increasingly more beautiful as years have passed by.

Cranberries offer great nutrition for children, and help fight off and prevent UTI infections.  For children who are HIV+, any kind of healthy food that offers anti-bacterial benefits are a blessing.

(Picture Borrowed From Wikipedia) Before Child Labor Laws In Brooklyn – Children Were Hired To Work On Cranberry Farms – This Photo Is Credited To Arthur_Rothstein_(American,_1915-1985)._Child_Labor,_Cranberry_Bog,_1939 (Click Here For The Link)

Raw cranberries have a bitter taste, but when cooked with sugar form very nice syrups and flavor – another example of a popular bitter flavor being a lemon – or a lime – and add a special holiday flare to some of your favorite seasonal dishes.

Child laborers in the early years of America found work on cranberries in the 1930’s – and lived in similar conditions as many of the child laborers of today.  Child right’s activists know that good legislation helps to protect society in many different ways.

The idea of activism, and nonprofits for our free nation was actually an idea born of Harvard University – which was the first establishment of learning and higher education in the newly-developed America.  Harvard University was and is located near a cranberry bog –  which became a local source of identity and color that has served the university and the world with authentic crimson, defined as an ‘arterial red’.

Try This Cranberry Bliss Cookie Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Activists from early Harvard, and around the world wrestled with the ideas of how to build a nation that respects human rights – and to encourage through education, legislation and rules to where the children of a society are entitled to schooling, free from labor, and to have rights to medical care, food, resources, safe labor – and housing – is something that we’ve struggled as a nation towards – but have not yet fully arrived.

Offshore slaves hope and wish for the day that many of those same amenities can be made available for them.  That’s why – around the holidays especially, it is important to incorporate giving into your holiday budget.

A Good Way To Remember Children’s Rights Around The World – Try This Cranberry-Orange Holiday Cheesecake Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

Help another child go to school.  Encourage another law for the protection of children in your own community be put into writing.  Sign another letter – supporting those who are out there fighting and working for human rights issues.  Hire somebody for a simple task that you don’t want to do to give them a bit of financial support or freedom.

As you enjoy your cranberries this Thanksgiving and Christmas season – let the appearance of this bright ‘arterial red’ fruit be a reminder to you of the blessings of indian cultures – and your visual cue to actively participate in the need for child rights – and human rights – and donations & gift-giving, all around the world.

It’s not necessary to travel to the ends of the earth during the holiday seasons in order to send a gift that matters:

World Vision Catalogue – Pick out a short-term project to sponsor for an international child this holiday season, or sign up for Christian sponsorship.

(World Vision’s holiday catalogue is not a joke – I’ve done a lot of work in small villages – and have seen the goats!  I’ve watched the village children learn to take care of them – they become like dogs or cats but love to eat the gardens!)

 Sponsor A Child Through Children International –  For $32 a month you can provide a child with life-changing benefits, like medical care, educational support, life skills and job training before graduation.  Children International is humanitarian sponsorship – as many of the children in need cannot be sponsored by religious organizations.  Children International began in the 1930’s with Christian Sponsorship, but adjusted their model over the years to make the same sponsorship benefits to children in poverty-stricken areas – of different religious identities.

(I have visited my own sponsored child abroad – many, many times through Children International and am always proud of their work.)

International Justice Mission – Support Justice & Sponsor the Rescue & Legal Defense of a Child From Modern-Day Slavery 

Check out this story, about a child-slave rescued by a Missouri Mom:

The Deep Place

The Deep Place

The Deep Place from International Justice Mission on Vimeo.

(I have visited a rescue center in another nation, and have so much respect for the legal work and advocacy that this group does to extend the rights of children to all nations.)

Mail In Your Donations Written Out To ‘Pinteresting Against Poverty’ – To ‘P.O. Box 26074, Overland Park, KS 66225’ – where we are collecting donations to give a local nonprofit that does good work in our village.  Donations are tax-deductible if you file your return in the USA. Please notify us electronically of any returned mail.)

Click Here To Support The Needs Of An Orphanage This Holiday Season:
Make a difference for an orphanage this #GivingTuesday. Sponsor a child or a project through Pinteresting Against Poverty.

Try This Beautiful Crimson Cranberry-Orange Holiday Cheesecake Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

I have worked in villages with or near each of these nonprofits – and am proud of the work they do.    Have you ever sponsored a child?  Have you visited your sponsored child?  Have you ever been on a mission trip?  Share your stories – or your questions with us, here:


Fresh Artichoke | Around The World

Try This Favorite Artichoke Salad w/Hearts | Gimme Some Oven

So much of the world is explained between the function and fluency of different langages.

It’s a little bit funny,

– to describe how I learned about artichokes.

I didn’t learn about artichokes in a grocery store – not on a health food channel, nor from any gardening experience – until we found the seeds for the village.

I learned about artichokes in highschool – in an advanced Spanish class.

Our teacher – a woman as knowledgable as she is kind – had decided to teach us – not only about the language –

-but the music, and the culture of other worlds – and words – and their meaning.

Try This Steamy Artichoke Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

She wanted us to understand the human stories that existed between the newspaper articles, and differences.

“In order to understand a language,”  she explained carefully-prounounced español, “You have to be able to understand expressions.”

She took in a breath to let that sink in before continuing, “Not everything that we say and express – makes sense – in the way that you expect it to – and it’s important to be aware of that when you are learning a new language.

We listened.

“So for example, we have the phrase – “Okie-Dokie, Arti-chokie…”

We all nodded, understanding.  I had heard the phrase, I just had yet to discover the vegetable.

“If you listen as a new language speaker to only the words – you will be confused.”

Try This Yummy Spinach & Artichoke Dip Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

“…but if you listen to the heart, you will understand.” 

She kept our attention.

“So you have to learn – to listen for the meaning behind the words.  How do they intend for you to feel when they are communicating?  Do they want you to smile back?  Do they want you to go get lunch?  Are they trying to tell you a truth that is beyond the words that you have to interpret?”

She continued. “When they say this phrase, we don’t mean, ‘let’s go get an artichoke.’  We’re not saying that ‘artichokes are okay’.  We are not even saying that we like them.”

“What we are saying – has absolutely nothing to do with artichokes – and everything to do with the rhythm of speech and comfortable conversation.”

“-all people understand better in rhymes, which are easier to memorize.”

Our Spanish teacher then explained that because all human beings like pleasant sounds,  we also say the words that we think sound pleasant.

She pulled out a tape-player, and a tape.

Easy Spinach Artichoke Quiche | Gimme Some Oven

“I made this for you.”  She said.

And she turned on the music.

It was popular music – in Spanish – in the style that we listened to in those years.

“At first, I was thinking that I would have you read more poetry – but then, I realized that songs were also poetry.  So I thought I would share some songs with you.”

Everyone in the room was genuinely amazed at the sounds of the artists, and the songs were catchy, and we went through several weeks singing the lyrics and getting them stuck in our heads. Everything from traditional songs to popular songs to Christmas carols.

“If you like the songs, and memorize them, you will understand how to use your verb tenses well.

And so – we did.

That’s my artichoke story.  

It turns out, artichokes are not just expressions, green succulent-looking veggies-

-artichokes are a form of thistle – a flower – with a heart. 

It is easy to look at an artichoke, and come up with words that sound pokey – starry and somehow full-circle and okie.  

Try This Beautiful Stuffed Artichoke (Roasted) Recipe | Gimme Some Oven

An artichoke can grow both in the wild, and be cultivated – so it’s an easy-going kind of veggie.

Artichoke flowers are flavorful, and not only used as a veggie, but also crushed for teas, and liqueur around the world.

One of the best parts about the artichoke – is the heart. 

It takes a lot of layers to reach the tender heart of the thistle.

Just like the meaning of the words are one thing, this star-of-Bethleham shining plant that is believed to have originated in the mediterranean area – has one of the most flavorful center – and taste best when warmed.

Artichokes are high in magnesium, and vitamins, and are thought to have other positive properties as well.

Artichoke hearts are a lovely addition to salads, and can be canned, roasted, powdered, dried and frozen – but are always best when warm.

I hope you enjoy some of these artichoke recipes.

It’s nice to think of favorite warm meals and salads with family, with the flavor of hearts and comforting expressions, shared around the table.

We’d like to share them with the village someday.

Thus far, we have identified the seeds, but have not understood fully the growing conditions.

“Lord… our heart is restless, till it rest in Thee.” ~Augustine

Here’s a guide to help you get started with your hearts today:

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